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  • How can we bring Hockey PhD to our town?
    We travel to locations and put on high quality weekend or weekday clinics for youth through pro teams. Our team can put on a general skill weekend, specialize on a few skills or work with local coaches to hand pick certain areas we can work on with all levels or specific levels based on your needs. If you supply the ice we are a bargain and if we pay for the ice we can also make that work within an agreement.
  • I am not sure if I registered properly?
    Email us and we can always verify. If you are not sure and have not heard from us please show up to the location of our event and we can always have you sign a waiver and make arrangements for payment.
  • Are girls allowed in your program?
    Of course! We are proponents of women’s hockey and look to grow the game for female players all over the world. Our Women’s hockey director, Matty Orr is a former NCAA Division one player at the University of Minnesota and is available for consultation. Our camps are completely inclusive!
  • I am not sure if I can make the NHL, do I still need an advisor?
    When you make the NHL Dr. Orr will take 3 percent of your salary for negotiating your contracts like any agent and will attend your wedding and send flowers when loved ones pass away. In the meantime I am more than happy to help my many “students” with their youth, junior and collegiate advice for a much better deal that can be very beneficial to your student athlete as they navigate a path. Please email Dr. Orr if you are considering him as a family advisor or agent at
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